April 19, 2015

Misthi dahi - Thick sweetened yogurt

Misthi dahi has been made and eaten in our country and tradition since ages before the invasion of the flavoured yogurts we get in the market these days. Its not difficult to make these flavoured yogurts, not only that, once you get an idea of making this you can make a lot of variations of these. I tried this and is very happy with the outcome and hence sharing the recipe. Its nice to be served chilled in this summer as well!!!

Milk - 1 litre
Sugar - 1/3 cup
Saffron threads - a few
Yogurt - 2 tbspns

Bring the milk to boil and leave it in low flame for about 20 minutes until the milk has reduced to half of the original volume. Then prop a strainer over a small metal bowl or earthen ware container and strain the condensed milk to remove any lumps. Allow the milk to stand until the temperature drop slightly.
Now remove the layer of skin from the surface of the milk. Whisk the sweetener, saffron, and yogurt into the milk. Cover the container and put it in a quiet warm place. The misthi dahi should be firm in 4-6 hours after that refrigerate it.
Serve it chilled and enjoy!


April 7, 2015

Lassi with dried rose petals - Rose lassi

Summer, heat, craving for cool drinks is all synonyms. There are ingredients which are body coolants and dried rose petals are one of those. I have had few recipes with rose petals before and now this one to add on :)

All is fair as long it tastes good!!

This is made with no essence or colours, just used dried rose petals, fresh and clean rose petals must be as good.

Dried rose petals - 2-4 tbsp
Fresh chilled curd - 1 cup
Sugar - as required
Few ice cubes
Water - 1/4 - 1/2 cup

Soak the petals in water so that it releases the essence. Squeeze out the petals completely. Now blend the rose water with curd and add the sugar. Serve cold.

I cudnt wait to shoot this picture to gulp it down, just being frank :) 

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